What is Pokemon Go Like in Chicago? (Generation 2)


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  1. 名前:Brady Huggett 投稿日:2017/07/05(水) 22:39:00 ID:1f3d6b776 返信


  2. 名前:Aidan Kelley 投稿日:2017/07/06(木) 00:00:26 ID:c5e8d3bb5 返信

    Answer Chicago is better than my state

  3. 名前:Megatube 投稿日:2017/07/07(金) 18:25:10 ID:8922a2b7d 返信

    Ah Chicago around 4 months later every Pokémon go fan we are having a Chicago event (mystic7) FUCK!!!!!

  4. 名前:Sammy Vlogs 投稿日:2017/07/09(日) 05:37:07 ID:183abe1e2 返信

    I live in chicago.

  5. 名前:Sammy Vlogs 投稿日:2017/07/09(日) 05:40:16 ID:183abe1e2 返信

    I got a magmar

  6. 名前:Nate Rowe 投稿日:2017/07/11(火) 14:31:18 ID:39e3739be 返信

    do u play in the advertisement of yugioh duel links #mystic7

  7. 名前:LA Trickshotz 投稿日:2017/07/12(水) 08:38:02 ID:11f89fee3 返信

    @MYSTIC7 HEY IM A HUGEEE FAN!!! IF you see this please go to my instagram @lukehargrove and dm me! It would mean the world!!! Thanks!!! Sudowoodo for life!!

  8. 名前:Nathan Chamley 投稿日:2017/07/12(水) 16:13:46 ID:11f89fee3 返信

    Skarmory is super common is Wisconsin

  9. 名前:Penny Guynn 投稿日:2017/07/15(土) 17:58:42 ID:222d05fdd 返信

    Good to see you in the Big Beautiful City of Chicago!! Love to watch your videos! You interact and are pretty cool when it comes to going out and actually Playing Pokemon! You are Awesome! Thanks for the videos!

  10. 名前:Penny Guynn 投稿日:2017/07/15(土) 18:06:58 ID:222d05fdd 返信

    Are you coming to the Big Event here in Chicago on July 22? I live 90 miles away from Chicago, but didn't get in to get the tickets, would have loved to be there!!! I am so upset! Allot going in my area!

  11. 名前:Alvin Adams 投稿日:2017/07/17(月) 07:17:09 ID:3dc6873a6 返信

    your jerk why have everyone from team MYSTIC come down there but not us.

  12. 名前:Alvin Adams 投稿日:2017/07/17(月) 07:20:49 ID:3dc6873a6 返信

    How about Missoula Montana?

  13. 名前:Eric Cartmen 投稿日:2017/07/18(火) 14:32:17 ID:1062cc957 返信

    cancerous liberals in Chicago!!

  14. 名前:Nick Curley 投稿日:2017/07/22(土) 13:30:29 ID:2a8c20d87 返信

    The planetarium is amazing if it's lured

  15. 名前:Jacob Grothkopp 投稿日:2017/08/01(火) 01:19:46 ID:b809bd1d2 返信

    mystic i live in Washington so could you do what is Pokemon go like in Washington if you do, do it go to Bellevue because its the headquarters of Pokemon go.

  16. 名前:Jace Eeee 投稿日:2017/08/11(金) 05:54:08 ID:1ab744ee4 返信

    Mystic, I just wanted to say how great of a person you are. You are so nice to every single person you see and wait until the last person to sign their photos or say hello to them. You are a huge inspiration to a lot of people including me and I thank you for that

  17. 名前:GR- KickBassFishing 投稿日:2017/08/15(火) 12:17:21 ID:d9740c837 返信


  18. 名前:Luka Puizina 投稿日:2017/08/15(火) 21:58:45 ID:d9740c837 返信

    Stop saying one hitter quieter.

  19. 名前:SMBstan 投稿日:2017/09/01(金) 01:23:43 ID:f39fef15e 返信


  20. 名前:Rahim Mutalib 投稿日:2017/09/06(水) 03:26:04 ID:8be3f198b 返信


  21. 名前:Overview Chasers 投稿日:2017/09/12(火) 05:53:33 ID:a327a35cc 返信

    I was in Chicago when u were there and when u where at grant Park I went there

  22. 名前:BroncoBro 01 投稿日:2017/09/12(火) 11:19:57 ID:a327a35cc 返信

    He doesn't realize he will be in Pokémon Go fest in grant park in a couple of months

  23. 名前:Tina Hinkle 投稿日:2017/09/22(金) 23:42:33 ID:41910cdb2 返信

    suowoodo are in jackson mo at the river frount

  24. 名前:Samuel McNair 投稿日:2017/09/25(月) 08:52:36 ID:f1472a603 返信

    It's really not in posibal to have 9 anons and he is asom

  25. 名前:KEITH LEWIS 投稿日:2017/10/16(月) 01:48:35 ID:e3755f366 返信

    Seems to be a nice person and not a spoofer or hacker.

  26. 名前:SlippyGamer123HD 投稿日:2017/10/22(日) 00:48:33 ID:62ea0a3f9 返信


  27. 名前:Kitty Lover 投稿日:2017/11/09(木) 13:22:02 ID:e9e6c7d5b 返信

    I caught a togatic in my living room