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  1. 名前:holyshaman 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 09:07:44 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    The super incubators aren't meant for the 2 km eggs they are meant to free up space to get a bunch of special 2km eggs. Just my opinion. I use the un breakable to hatch the 2km non stop and use the supers on 10k and 5k is need be.

  2. 名前:Leo Avendaño 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 09:09:35 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    nice video, greetings from Argentina

  3. 名前:ShireenPlays 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 09:14:33 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    I've only hatched one Larvitar so far… The rest being terrible / useless Pokemon. I'm getting mostly 5ks as well…

  4. 名前:Rain Juice 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 09:52:02 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    My perfect Pokemon are:
    -Lapras 😀

    Whats yours?

  5. 名前:ducktapefashions 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 10:05:28 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    I know how you feel. I hatched two oddishes in a row from the special eggs

  6. 名前:PoGo Dad 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 10:07:53 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Have you gotten an ex invite yet? I live in Orangeburg sc and a bunch of us got one yesterday for a raid on Saturday. Btw… love all your videos

  7. 名前:James Clan 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 10:50:29 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    I got two mareep and a larvitar out of my 2ks

  8. 名前:Ants3548 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 11:16:49 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Nice hatches! Haven't played in a while, so glad to see you keeping up the channel

  9. 名前:Connor Glasford 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 11:59:09 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Nice hatches

  10. 名前:Purple Ninja 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 12:03:07 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    I've been getting mostly oddish, remoraid and mankey myself.

  11. 名前:sme02 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 12:13:41 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    I keep getting flooded with 10k eggs, which I don't mind.. but event eggs would be a little nicer xD

  12. 名前:David Talkington 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 13:41:14 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    That's a lot of Oddish, I would have been "Gloomy" lol 😉

  13. 名前:Loyal Chucho 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 14:08:13 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Pokemon Go youtubers like yourself really made me miss playing this game even if it was just me, walking around a park for an hour. I've been doing raids and shiny hunting myself and have been inspired to record my adventure as well. Keep up the great work 🙂

  14. 名前:Ben Challis 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 15:31:55 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Wow I have only had two and they where Chaney and mareep

  15. 名前:John Dearth 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 15:49:31 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Yo big I love vids you keep it basic and fun thanks for all you're vids I love them! Keep making great vids!! Props to you!!!

  16. 名前:MrSupermansFriend 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 16:18:40 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Gen 3 is more than likely to come out! We got a huge game crash the other day, triple xp for new pokedex entries AND they extended the event !!
    Just like gen 2 they also extended the event!

  17. 名前:StormkoopaCV03 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 16:28:01 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Nice 2k egg hatching! I recently got a shiny pichu from my 2k event egg. 😉

  18. 名前:perrbr 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 17:03:03 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    good to get out walking no matter what the eggs are. Good for health and good to get out and enjoy the world.

  19. 名前:nytolstoy 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 18:20:59 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Lmao I've watched you play for quite sometime and just realized you are team Mystic. Since your name was big daddy Red. I just assumed it was Valor. My eyes lied to me.

  20. 名前:nytolstoy 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 18:31:24 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Those three odishes were great lol

  21. 名前:SGT Haze 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 19:17:17 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Totally digging your content. Just noticed you have some Clash Royale vids also. Pokemon Go and CR are my 2 go to games atm. (I'm an older fart gamer w/little kids. I can't commit as much time to PC/console games like I used to.)

  22. 名前:Hannah Hägg 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 21:28:30 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    I hatched a tyrogue from a 2km egg they are normally in 5km egg so it's event hatch

  23. 名前:Sale Tatokhin 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 23:24:01 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    Wanted to share this awesome trick i found for help with getting PokeC oins – it is posted online here – shortly.im/1pokemongo?96722718

  24. 名前:Marc Burger 投稿日:2017/09/29(金) 00:14:46 ID:c6acd0793 返信

    That was a lot of hatching wow! You deserve better hatches for that effort 😉

  25. 名前:Lyden Blaze 投稿日:2017/09/29(金) 01:07:08 ID:c6acd0793 返信

    I know the 10's still have some undesirables in it, but if you want another Dragonite, now is a good time to hatch the 10's you get. I've been able to stack up on Dratini as its a bit more common right now from them. Did you see the chart The Silph Road did up for this?

    Btw, really enjoy your content, very down to earth and you can tell you enjoy what you do. Especially when you take your family along.

  26. 名前:realmiker 投稿日:2017/09/29(金) 01:29:51 ID:c6acd0793 返信

    I had 5 5k eggs 5x horsea…. wt..

  27. 名前:bgood pokemon go 投稿日:2017/09/29(金) 03:02:54 ID:c6acd0793 返信

    After 2 k eggs got 10 k back to back

  28. 名前:Thundersmasher79 投稿日:2017/09/29(金) 17:57:16 ID:c6acd0793 返信

    I can't get a shiny magikarp either. Caught 900 magikarp and not one shiny.

  29. 名前:MC R 投稿日:2017/09/29(金) 23:49:52 ID:c6acd0793 返信

    Hey I've hatched 12 porygons this event……. how are your 10 km eggs?

  30. 名前:Justin Shelly 投稿日:2017/09/30(土) 01:04:52 ID:3995d3982 返信

    I talked to a guy the other night who has 6000+ magikarp candy and no shiny. He's convinced they don't exist