DITTO CAUGHT IN POKEMON GO!! Ditto Confirmed Added To Pokemon GO – How To Find Ditto

Pokemon Go Catching Ditto!ポケットモンスターGO!最初に捕らえられ、Pokedexに追加されました!
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『DITTO CAUGHT IN POKEMON GO!! Ditto Confirmed Added To Pokemon GO – How To Find Ditto』へのコメント

  1. 名前:WILLIAM WILLS 投稿日:2017/03/15(水) 08:40:12 ID:c7e1243d5 返信

    I just got didto like two minutes ago

  2. 名前:jose arreola 投稿日:2017/03/15(水) 13:59:33 ID:c7e1243d5 返信

    I got him on. A hoothoot

  3. 名前:ebolivieri 投稿日:2017/03/19(日) 20:54:24 ID:57d2dab14 返信

    I got ditto from a genger

  4. 名前:Hydra 投稿日:2017/03/24(金) 02:05:14 ID:27497c59e 返信

    I got it from a hoot hoot

  5. 名前:Josue Mosqueda 投稿日:2017/03/25(土) 23:43:06 ID:cfb9d3bfc 返信

    I caught him already I have a vid

  6. 名前:Melissa Yasser 投稿日:2017/03/31(金) 23:40:54 ID:0134da8f6 返信

    U can even get it from sentret

  7. 名前:Shadowkid 6701 投稿日:2017/04/02(日) 09:36:15 ID:519cc7d9b 返信

    Did any one notice the sandshrews cp was 666

  8. 名前:Prtapay Escape 投稿日:2017/04/02(日) 16:44:35 ID:519cc7d9b 返信

    ICHoug t ditto

  9. 名前:Talia Brown 投稿日:2017/04/10(月) 15:09:05 ID:fe6814af7 返信


  10. 名前:DEADSHOT CS GO 投稿日:2017/04/13(木) 17:23:24 ID:e658cc84c 返信

    so what in india everyone has got a ditto lol

  11. 名前:Couldntputafucking100lettername Dickhead 投稿日:2017/04/17(月) 13:27:55 ID:22e981cc3 返信

    I caught one in a hoot hoot

  12. 名前:Random Guy 投稿日:2017/04/23(日) 04:59:34 ID:bb6dcc766 返信

    I caught ditto today it came from a ratatta

  13. 名前:Its Ditto 投稿日:2017/04/25(火) 12:17:04 ID:565efce51 返信


  14. 名前:Jonas IDK 投稿日:2017/04/27(木) 12:59:28 ID:c7d4bb255 返信

    I have him got him like lvl 12 didnt know it was so rare, also get more mr.mime then ratatas

  15. 名前:Joe Little 投稿日:2017/04/28(金) 02:33:16 ID:39a7fd577 返信

    Just got Ditto from a Hoot Hoot

  16. 名前:its a me zanlator 投稿日:2017/04/29(土) 11:19:15 ID:3791493bd 返信

    catches sentret turns into ditto
    me: oooooooohhhhh

  17. 名前:Jeffy Jeffy 投稿日:2017/04/30(日) 01:14:03 ID:fbb18ab75 返信

    I can hear the nimbassa city theme

  18. 名前:Jeffy Jeffy 投稿日:2017/04/30(日) 01:14:09 ID:fbb18ab75 返信

    I can hear the nimbassa city theme

  19. 名前:SANS THE SKELETON / LAZY PANTS 投稿日:2017/05/01(月) 11:02:26 ID:af94ba018 返信

    That happened to me I got a dido from a piggy

  20. 名前:Night W1zerd 投稿日:2017/05/02(火) 00:38:04 ID:c4d5026f8 返信

    and pigey

  21. 名前:Blackyet Gēmā 投稿日:2017/05/02(火) 21:59:57 ID:c4d5026f8 返信

    I Got The Ditto it was my third pokeman

  22. 名前:TOXIC VOID 投稿日:2017/05/19(金) 14:27:05 ID:00b2f96cd 返信

    i got ditto from rattata and the cp was 44 completly useless

  23. 名前:Gegorg 投稿日:2017/05/24(水) 20:56:05 ID:dadc71149 返信

    Wow.. I just caught Ditto randomly with a normal pokeball, he was disguisted as a ratata :p

  24. 名前:Ellison Bruyn 投稿日:2017/05/25(木) 11:01:17 ID:71dfae999 返信

    i caught one in a sentret like 1 hour ago and i freaked out

  25. 名前:Rolling Thratcher 投稿日:2017/06/04(日) 06:07:47 ID:3f9e6ef54 返信

    I caught two dittos in my neighborhood that were both sentrets

  26. 名前:Minehero92 Gaming 投稿日:2017/06/08(木) 06:10:51 ID:8f09c0615 返信

    I caught a Hoothoot and changed into a ditto

  27. 名前:TBR_Gaming 投稿日:2017/06/09(金) 10:24:17 ID:718a91003 返信

    I caught it from a Hoothoot

  28. 名前:Ege Kocaevli 投稿日:2017/06/16(金) 21:31:35 ID:c5851c0e7 返信

    ı caught it when it was ratata form in turkey IM LUCKY

  29. 名前:Vlad etc. 投稿日:2017/07/21(金) 14:09:18 ID:f13be6113 返信

    i also caught ditto

  30. 名前:Jared Hyde 投稿日:2017/07/25(火) 21:30:27 ID:1d545cb4b 返信

    Pidgey is the one I got mine from.

  31. 名前:Aleksandar Lucic 投稿日:2017/08/05(土) 16:57:28 ID:5db1d5ea8 返信

    I caught a ditto as a 26cp pidgey

  32. 名前:Matt gaming ff 投稿日:2017/08/28(月) 10:09:24 ID:a8cab58f2 返信

    I got him from the squirrel thing

  33. 名前:Cooper Allen 投稿日:2017/09/07(木) 08:11:24 ID:0654020ac 返信

    I have one

  34. 名前:999.999 Görüntüleme 投稿日:2017/10/08(日) 15:13:29 ID:b9ab50741 返信

    I have two ditto