ポケモンのMewtwo raid – 2度目のMewtwoのキャッチと金の金属がいかに役立つか。 MewtwoのEX raid passゲームプレイ。
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投稿日時:2017-09-30 22:50:10



  1. 名前:Poké AK 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 07:54:41 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Time for Entei 🙂

  2. 名前:Andygamer99 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 10:40:13 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Are you gonna max mewtwo #2?

  3. 名前:Rob Freeman 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 11:14:36 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Congrats man! Got my 1st one today! 91% 14 atk!!! Already got him to Level 30!

  4. 名前:james morson 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 11:24:29 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Get used to MANY 1917 Entei….. and weep as you see all the 1926,27,28,29,1930 run along.
    i catch 9|10 with my level 40 highest so far caught 1917. with my sons acc 35 seen 1926 and little lower NEVER caught… Painful

  5. 名前:Jack Dao 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 11:37:27 ID:246d20e51 返信

    You've already gotten 2 mewtwos calm down bro! I'm so jealous I haven't even gotten my ex raid pass

  6. 名前:Mr Vip 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 11:58:58 ID:246d20e51 返信

    congrats, i finally had a mewtwo raid in my small town and successfully got it. Named it "King Slayer"

  7. 名前:Arseni Ibarra 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 12:16:48 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Hey i also two mewtwos

  8. 名前:Brandon Lannan 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 12:33:15 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Just an FYI the catch bonuses (gold medals) work every time you catch something. Must be a bug because I see them every time I catch something.

  9. 名前:Nadiya Yasmeen 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 12:46:14 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Where in Alaska do you live???

  10. 名前:H Jason 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 13:31:33 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Now you have 2 Mewtwo, just do one with Focus blast and one with Shadow Ball

  11. 名前:Sheri Schneider 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 13:53:00 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Power up all the mewtwos you get

  12. 名前:Tim Mitchell 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 13:55:59 ID:246d20e51 返信

    The lag was horrible, but I think it kept me from dying lol. Low IV but I do have a Mewtwo on my prime acct. I also had a pass on my sub acct. and got into the mystic group before they went. That one was a prime 2264 and of course I have no stardust because I’ve been grinding my prime acct. Had fun at the raid thanks for letting me join the group.

  13. 名前:pokemonGoAnd Hollywood Movies 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 16:10:34 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Did it happen in previous starbucks gym where u got ur 1st ex pass?????

  14. 名前:amanda hoey 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 18:08:56 ID:246d20e51 返信


  15. 名前:Ishank Johri 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 18:12:04 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Such great luck you have 2 mewtwos and both 90% iv . I'm stuck with a 76%iv one :

  16. 名前:legendarymaster 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 18:31:49 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Sooooo cooooool!!!!!!!!! 2 fkn ex raids

  17. 名前:Reality Unfold 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 20:05:55 ID:246d20e51 返信

    What IV calculator is that?

  18. 名前:AwesomePaperWork 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 20:43:29 ID:246d20e51 返信

    You should have done mewtwo vs mewtwo.

  19. 名前:Anshuman Dube 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 21:13:35 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Poke ak Now niantic is not fair 60% of people in the world have not even got a single ex pass …

    And I know few people who gave got 2 and are waiting for 3.
    ( sorry Poke ak if you felt bad , it was not for you)
    Hit like if you Think so

  20. 名前:xGerjqn 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 21:47:46 ID:246d20e51 返信

    I caught my 1st Mewtwo today 😉

  21. 名前://chris\ T70 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 22:07:16 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Can u show what gyms u defeat in raids so all your fans can get one?

  22. 名前:Uma Venkat 投稿日:2017/10/02(月) 00:23:04 ID:ccbddd76c 返信

    Congrats bro
    I don't even have any people to raid with here .wat would u suggest to me to get atleast one legendary Pokemon?

  23. 名前:Jérôme Jheelan 投稿日:2017/10/02(月) 02:25:21 ID:ccbddd76c 返信

    Nice so lucky for having two invites !
    Got my first one this morning but it's a 75% IV should I wait to find if I can do a second one ?

  24. 名前:Trunks 投稿日:2017/10/02(月) 05:29:21 ID:ccbddd76c 返信

    Catching machine!

  25. 名前:Thomas Toth 投稿日:2017/10/02(月) 07:39:15 ID:ccbddd76c 返信

    I got kicked out of ex raid. Couldn't get back in no matter what I did. Fuck Niantic.

  26. 名前:Marko Burić 投稿日:2017/10/02(月) 21:39:31 ID:ccbddd76c 返信

    I catched my first mewtwo yesterday, 73% iv :/

  27. 名前:Ames low 投稿日:2017/10/03(火) 02:16:51 ID:64fe87f64 返信

    My bro got kicked on snorlax and he cannot get back in. He hate snorlax

  28. 名前:Khan Sky 投稿日:2017/10/03(火) 23:04:03 ID:64fe87f64 返信

    How to get an ex raid pass? Help me

  29. 名前:trollik XD 投稿日:2017/10/06(金) 01:08:20 ID:d0b66383c 返信

    Mewtow good

  30. 名前:Mitch Word 投稿日:2017/10/06(金) 06:15:57 ID:d0b66383c 返信

    Link to the song you used in the intro?
    Your mix?

  31. 名前:James Lambert 投稿日:2017/10/06(金) 20:19:21 ID:d0b66383c 返信

    I need mewtwo I can't find any

  32. 名前:Paul Griffin 投稿日:2017/10/07(土) 16:16:43 ID:143b1965a 返信


  33. 名前:cahit çakar 投稿日:2017/10/07(土) 23:11:29 ID:143b1965a 返信

    pls pokemon go link

  34. 名前:Or Lugassi 投稿日:2017/10/10(火) 10:22:21 ID:50bd07a20 返信

    mewtwo best move
    1. PC/SB
    2. C/P