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投稿日時:2016-11-23 00:15:44



  1. 名前:Tony Feng 投稿日:2016/12/06(火) 15:01:52 ID:0a8effc32 返信

    My warturtle was wild he was 652cp that was my first one now it's 552cp I was going to evolve that but now since that happen I am not going to because it is not gonna be as strong as I'd want it to:(

  2. 名前:KelleyMarie 投稿日:2016/12/07(水) 06:32:56 ID:800e11a8d 返信

    gengar got low

  3. 名前:Ann Nieman 投稿日:2016/12/07(水) 09:43:27 ID:800e11a8d 返信

    Thanks. And please call me Emrald Embrace

  4. 名前:Liam Jermy 投稿日:2016/12/07(水) 16:38:58 ID:800e11a8d 返信

    This happend to me

  5. 名前:GlinNicolas 1234 投稿日:2016/12/08(木) 04:22:41 ID:06ff548ee 返信

    Raichu barely had a decrease. I had a 910 raichu now it's 907

  6. 名前:Christianne Leon 投稿日:2016/12/08(木) 05:41:02 ID:06ff548ee 返信

    my ferrow it was so good

  7. 名前:Chris Donaldson 投稿日:2016/12/10(土) 15:37:53 ID:13beb84ac 返信

    My favorite Pokémon I caught is farefecth'd when I caught him his CP was 863CP but he went to 482CP

  8. 名前:Brooklyn Lagos 投稿日:2016/12/10(土) 19:43:11 ID:13beb84ac 返信

    I love you but not more than I love Eevee!

  9. 名前:CM34 GAMING 投稿日:2016/12/11(日) 10:01:16 ID:e96feda0e 返信

    I subscribed

  10. 名前:Extreme Gamer 投稿日:2016/12/11(日) 22:06:22 ID:e96feda0e 返信

    I have ditto he has a really high cp number

  11. 名前:144p is good stuff 投稿日:2016/12/12(月) 07:36:32 ID:b190b988a 返信

    I had a Pikachu cp 576 and now is it cp 432.

  12. 名前:CreeperCraft198 投稿日:2016/12/12(月) 21:52:16 ID:b190b988a 返信

    my rhydon was 1345 now it is 2456

  13. 名前:Death_strider 101 投稿日:2016/12/19(月) 07:29:55 ID:b0d77963b 返信

    I had my raichu worst and I had it exactly 1000

  14. 名前:Harvz Vlogz 投稿日:2016/12/23(金) 16:26:39 ID:54738814c 返信

    You need to get your exegutor back in top six

  15. 名前:Apao Tangahu 投稿日:2016/12/28(水) 19:02:27 ID:b117e64be 返信

    Please play more Skywars!

  16. 名前:Bronze Bronze Videos 投稿日:2016/12/31(土) 00:51:04 ID:e9838cb32 返信

    Blastoise 2001-1400

  17. 名前:Pokemon go Clan 投稿日:2017/01/04(水) 17:16:42 ID:b7bc41ed5 返信

    Yesterday I found a cp 980 hitmonchan

  18. 名前:Leo Gammon 投稿日:2017/01/20(金) 05:59:50 ID:14efc2045 返信


  19. 名前:Chillangel Gaming 投稿日:2017/01/20(金) 23:39:26 ID:14efc2045 返信

    my aerodactyl went up ☺☺☺☺

  20. 名前:Cyla Basran 投稿日:2017/01/26(木) 20:40:13 ID:e13e5e0df 返信


  21. 名前:Harley The Gamer 投稿日:2017/02/02(木) 16:00:45 ID:c6a6b0df8 返信

    im happy my vapeorion joltion and flarion were 7 to 8 hundred something to 1,000 something

  22. 名前:isaac sugiarto 投稿日:2017/02/19(日) 13:49:20 ID:51f805e25 返信


  23. 名前:Abhi Akkineni 投稿日:2017/02/19(日) 21:00:26 ID:51f805e25 返信

    I love pokemon

  24. 名前:Nils Zuravlovs 投稿日:2017/03/11(土) 15:58:45 ID:12227c17c 返信

    u had 1400 cp lapras but know 1200cp

  25. 名前:Night Wolves 投稿日:2017/04/14(金) 01:42:59 ID:db4bd9f9b 返信

    how do u get ditto?

  26. 名前:Night Wolves 投稿日:2017/04/14(金) 01:43:56 ID:db4bd9f9b 返信

    is there any tricks to evolving eevee to umbreon?

  27. 名前:BAYYOW whoitbe 投稿日:2017/07/01(土) 04:24:41 ID:183f9a7b3 返信

    my very good arcanein drop from cp2389 to cp2267

  28. 名前:Toxic Titan 投稿日:2017/08/16(水) 20:09:46 ID:a3d92863c 返信

    My dragonite gone down 1000 he "was"my best pokemon