Pokemon Sun & Moon – Anime Opening 1 ( HD)

ポケモンサンアンドムーン – アニメオープニング1(HD)








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『Pokemon Sun & Moon – Anime Opening 1 ( HD)』へのコメント

  1. 名前:Tyrone Candler 投稿日:2017/09/04(月) 08:08:45 ID:781f74efc 返信

    Whay are a lot of the Japanese theme better than they are in english

  2. 名前:GetSomeHelp 投稿日:2017/09/04(月) 17:57:12 ID:781f74efc 返信

    put this video on 2x speed and try to sing it

  3. 名前:Foxythefox101 Kruger 投稿日:2017/09/05(火) 03:27:27 ID:bbe9c3c72 返信

    幡羅ただ 魔は多良間 まかない (//∇//)

  4. 名前:Entertainment e-Zone 投稿日:2017/09/05(火) 06:05:19 ID:bbe9c3c72 返信

    The 1st anime was good. Why ash is getting younger!!!!

  5. 名前:Kalvin Nguyen 投稿日:2017/09/06(水) 14:04:19 ID:8be3f198b 返信


  6. 名前:Mina Loughan 投稿日:2017/09/07(木) 15:22:43 ID:0654020ac 返信

    Pause at 1:22 and you can see Pikachu's black tail part @@'

  7. 名前:Violet the wolf 投稿日:2017/09/08(金) 07:53:53 ID:3531cc985 返信

    Lol I love this theme cuz it's very like me

  8. 名前:FoxPaw 904 投稿日:2017/09/09(土) 08:09:25 ID:ffda4b45c 返信

    I like sun and moon stop the hate on sun and moon >:I
    The animators just wanted some change for the 20th aniversary!!!!!!!

  9. 名前:PasteurizedPika79 投稿日:2017/09/09(土) 08:38:48 ID:ffda4b45c 返信

    I used to hate the sun and moon anime, then litten became a member of ashs team

  10. 名前:General Bobby 投稿日:2017/09/10(日) 02:14:01 ID:083513589 返信


  11. 名前:Poke mon 投稿日:2017/09/10(日) 04:37:58 ID:083513589 返信

    Popplio 😀

  12. 名前:Crippablezx 投稿日:2017/09/10(日) 13:20:24 ID:083513589 返信

    Anyone noticed how Pikachu only have a black tail tip at 1:22?

    Mandela Effect?

  13. 名前:Ahmed Khaled 投稿日:2017/09/10(日) 21:59:30 ID:083513589 返信

    ash died for me when he start to attend school.

  14. 名前:Red Pokémon trainer 投稿日:2017/09/11(月) 02:07:56 ID:da2969c83 返信

    At least It's thousand times better than the horrible english theme.

  15. 名前:Luis 投稿日:2017/09/13(水) 09:39:18 ID:4acac2206 返信

    can you translate this.

  16. 名前:Arno Williamson 投稿日:2017/09/16(土) 18:01:26 ID:aeeb72a4d 返信

    If Ash in Kalos developed a bond strong enough to do what's like mega evolution without a mega stone or mega ring, I bet he'll be able to do the same thing with Z-moves but without a Z-crystal or Z-ring, I do have to admit though, it is weird that Ash was Ash-evolving with Greninja and not Pikachu

  17. 名前:Retr0's Domain 投稿日:2017/09/17(日) 15:48:06 ID:af119a89b 返信

    This is better than the English one

  18. 名前:Jared Hamilton 投稿日:2017/09/18(月) 01:48:17 ID:24215b91d 返信

    I wonder, if lillie gets nebbie in here, i wonder if the top left background in 0:54 is foreshadowing to what nebbie will evolve into

  19. 名前:Skullnette 投稿日:2017/09/19(火) 22:11:31 ID:45b697ad4 返信

    Go ahead and hate me now but…

    I liked XY&Z more than Sun and Moon.

  20. 名前:Ricardo Guedes 投稿日:2017/09/22(金) 02:04:28 ID:41910cdb2 返信

    I wonder why Ash isn't a singer!! Your voice is amazing!! As trainer he is mehh!

  21. 名前:Greninja El Pokémon semi-legendario 投稿日:2017/09/22(金) 23:31:56 ID:41910cdb2 返信

    I love so much this sonh

  22. 名前:Greninja El Pokémon semi-legendario 投稿日:2017/09/22(金) 23:32:07 ID:41910cdb2 返信

    Song* sorry

  23. 名前:matthew veinotte 投稿日:2017/09/23(土) 09:03:36 ID:9e8537557 返信

    So im a 26 year old grown man…been playing pokemon since i think it was 5 or 6 i dont know exactly. But is it just me. I think Team Rocket should just find a different hobby. like ok the first 1000 times. cool nostalgia . but holy crap do you know how many times iv seen it in the last 20 years or so. like come on team rocket just stop. lol they can come up with something better for sure

  24. 名前:Daniel Mendiola 投稿日:2017/09/25(月) 13:57:37 ID:f1472a603 返信

    I hate sun and moon so much

  25. 名前:neiel medina 投稿日:2017/09/26(火) 22:46:30 ID:51014239b 返信

    well ash your going to the pokemon league again prepare for your next L

  26. 名前:Cederick Phantom 投稿日:2017/09/28(木) 12:20:45 ID:4caf8d623 返信

    This song is so beautiful I cry

  27. 名前:vincent javier 投稿日:2017/09/29(金) 03:55:14 ID:c6acd0793 返信

    is it just me or is ash's hair green?

  28. 名前:Soseth 投稿日:2017/09/29(金) 07:13:23 ID:c6acd0793 返信

    This is literally the best song in existence, I could jam to this forever

  29. 名前:공기청정기 投稿日:2017/09/30(土) 23:03:40 ID:3995d3982 返信

    스토리는 문제 없다만 작화가 크흠

  30. 名前:Hugo 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 08:42:10 ID:246d20e51 返信


  31. 名前:ZentZikri 投稿日:2017/10/01(日) 09:52:15 ID:246d20e51 返信

    Looks like i just realized that team rocket is the main antagonist (sorry if i spell it wrong)

  32. 名前:Jan Itor 投稿日:2017/10/05(木) 23:00:53 ID:84e55fe56 返信

    Best wishes future self
    October 5, 2017
    Pokemon sun and moon episode 44

  33. 名前:Stripey D 投稿日:2017/10/06(金) 00:25:59 ID:d0b66383c 返信

    omg i hate the new ash look

  34. 名前:Gustavo PJ 投稿日:2017/10/14(土) 06:22:55 ID:c470af1fa 返信

    Pikachu with black tail 1:22

  35. 名前:D.L.C Channel 投稿日:2017/10/14(土) 18:51:29 ID:c470af1fa 返信

    Can i use your videos ?

  36. 名前:PIXEL PLANET 投稿日:2017/10/18(水) 00:22:39 ID:f677257d5 返信

    Pokemon Sun & Moon – Anime Opening 1 – For The Fans (English Subs) (HD) – http://ow.ly/X92W30fWcvu
    I posted this for you guys!!!